Mission of the „Uczeń” Primary School

The "Uczeń" Integrated Christian Primary School of Cracow Educational Association is the first school in Cracow under the auspices of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), which is currently comprised of nearly 24 thousand member schools in over 100 countries. It is an ecumenical school, in which didactic, educational and caring function of the school is conducted on the basis of:

  • applicable regulations in the Educational Law,
  • core curriculum for general education set by the Ministry of Education and expanded on the extracurricular content due to individual learning needs and various interests of pupils,
  • doctrinal position of the school, which takes into account the basic elements of faith connecting all Christian denominations. 

We want to be a school that works together with parents who care about education and educating children and young people according to Christian values. We want to create an environment that promotes learning, stimulates the comprehensive development of  students and gives the proper motivations for learning and living, while taking into consideration their needs and capabilities. 

Our mission is realized through:

  • adjusting the financial burden of education in ChSPU to the financial situation of families,
  •  having a proper selection of the teaching personnel,
  • the integration of teaching content with the Bible,
  • a close cooperation with the parents on the planning and evaluation of educational activities,
  •  having small class sizes (generally a class has up to 16 students, however, in special cases the head teacher may increase the number of students to 18),
  • providing the best possible housing conditions for educational activities of the school (full infrastructure of the school),
  • the use of activating teaching methods,
  •  offering wide range of extra-curricular activities and after school classes,
  • promoting healthy lifestyle,
  • developing children’s team working skills,
  • preparing students to be Christians in the contemporary, postmodern world (shaping the Christian worldview),
  • individualization of the educational process,
  • assistance in discovering and developing the capacities given to us by God.

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