Doctrine of the "Uczeń" School

Because of the ecumenical character of the school it was necessary to establish the school doctrine which embraces fundamental elements of faith  common for all Christian denominations.

The doctrine should be respected in school practice so as not to cause a rift between  what is taught at school and what is passed on at home and in the church a student attends. Everyone employed at the school as well as parents who enroll their children to school ought to be acquainted with the school doctrine.

In the school doctrine- we believe that:

  • The Bible is the Word of God and authority on matters of life and faith.
  • Holy Scripture was created under the influence of God who inspired chosen people to write It.
  • There is only one true living and eternal God in the Holy Trinity.
  • God is the Creator and his sovereign power can be seen in His care for all creation as well as in salvation.
  • Jesus Christ is the Only Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary.
  • His sinless life, redemptive death on the cross and the Resurrection were accomplished in order to satisfy God’s justice, to reveal God to mankind and to redeem man.
  • The Holy Spirit is an omnipresent eternal person. He convinces the world of sin, justice and judgement. The Holy Spirit is involved in the plan of salvation  and in building the Church.
  • God created angels to serve and worship Him.
  • Some of the angels under the leadership of Satan rebelled against God and since then have been opposing God’s plans.
  • God created man in his own image, to have personal relationship with God and to subdue the earth. Original human sinlessness was lost at the time of the Fall in the Garden of Eden when man consciously disobeyed the revealed will of God. Now every human apart from one exception,  Jesus Christ, is born with a sinful nature and so sins.
  • Salvation and justification are by God’s grace and by personal faith in Jesus Christ. Redemption of man is only possible through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Redemption brings to those who trust in Jesus forgiveness of sins, reconciliation with God and inclusion in God’s family as His Children.
  • The Church is a spiritual organism, made of born again people; who believed God and were reborn through the Holy Spirit. Christ is the head of the Church. The aim of the Church is to worship God and build his kingdom on the earth.
  • Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead- the saved ones will receive eternal life with God, and those not saved will be eternally separated from God.

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